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is there no such thing as meaning, Dr. Quine?

…it is discussed in semiotic circles that there is no such thing as meaning.   That is, words can change meaning.  Meaning is a convention we accept in the cultural form of language. For example, due to unmitigated code switching which, … Continue reading

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“…because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do…” The power of advertising.

The most talented and creative minds work in advertising. When the campaign is good and the client is ethical, the writers open wordsmithing art to the cadence of thought from overture to a conclusive catch of phrase that doesn’t end … Continue reading

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life between right and wrong

In western society, the law divides actions in two directions: right and wrong via legal and illegal. This, as you obviously noticed, is a huge simplification of life. We do not live in a binary, dichotomized, manner. Life, in its … Continue reading

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