The world since the development of law, religiously or secularly legal, is divided between right and wrong, legal or illegal. This, in essence, is a significant simplification of life: binary and dichotomized. However, what we live everyday occurs between wrong and right. Life and human dignity occurs between the simplification of law, but skates on both right and wrong every time we are faced with a decision.
And this leads to examining the process of decisions. In discerning between right and wrong, we are inevitably influenced by our abilities, exposure, environment, and experience — and to this issues of free will, determinism, and moral development are explored in this blog.
The main idea in the notion of the conscious compass is dual (keeping to the binary jurisprudent tradition of western society). Firstly, it is designed to raise awareness of the violence we accept while living between right and wrong; at what point will you interfere with a parent yelling at a child? at a salesman being condescending to a woman because of her gender? at anyone ignoring poor people? at discrimination and exclusion of LBGT individuals? It can be as light as thinking to what point do you bear watching a movie with forensic violence opposed to outright goodness? This determines what we find acceptable violence in our society. It is a sense of existence that requires constant awareness, and there is much slipping into the commercial and lethargic mold of omission.
Secondly, conscious compass has the aim to examine how we accept conventions imposed by non-human elements of society, such as business. The media we watch passively and receptively is chock full of subtle messages that dictate what we consider our conventions. Kids define themselves by a certain belt, or certain bling, or certain material thing that will make them feel special.
This interferes with the freedom of will, with the sense of identity, and commercial interests and a business run society anchors its soul in investing in the insatisfaction of the consumer — who has to keep buying to feel humanly worthy. Commerce attempts to fill the void caused by injustice and the emptiness in the lack of moral development, whatever it may be.
This blog attempts to address that, philosophically, and in the attempt, hopefully it will find in you, the reader, an active mind.


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