bible study in little portions

Little Portion Friary Mt. Sinai L.I., NY.

So, there I was at the Bible study that would  have gone on without me — but I was moved to go.  First, I got there at 10 am, worried I might be late because I had no idea when it would start.  Quickly I was informed the group was going to arrive later than expected — 1 pm.   Being so far from anywhere, I asked if I could stay and wait, and that was welcomed.   I talked hardcore political history of Nazareth, the phases of the Roman empire with brother Eric,  and was invited to have lunch.   As it turned out, the Bible study group got there earlier than expected and I helped the scrambling Franciscan brothers prepare desert.  I walked a rather large labyrinth, eyes closed, being directed by a lovely, faithful, senior lady who kindly played along and took me through it all the way.   A notorious angel was hiding in the chapel where no one was looking.  He played for me.  There were 4 songs, secret serenades, and dedications. There was storytelling, some of it on the Bible.  There was a diverted silent game of musical chairs, then dinner.   And on the way home, there was the wanting to stay together, separating sadly, with longing — yet,  inspired by the whole thing.


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One Response to bible study in little portions

  1. ithaquirky says:

    Sweet! It does me good to hear about this. Thank you for bringing your blessing spirit there!

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