ethics and self care

old backyard garden

It’s okay to include technology of the self in ethics.  Technology of the self is not my idea, the early Greeks had it first.  Foucault pointed it out in my favorite chapter with the same title (technology of the self) in a book called  Ethics (the book is about sexual ethics, in a stigmatizing way, so-French).  Back to the Greeks, the idea was that in a well working democracy, the citizen had the responsibility to take care of her/him-self.  Baths, courtyard gardens, and the sort were part of cultural activity — because by being happy, a citizen could better exercise her/his work and treat others better, leading to a better society.  In fact, the maxim “know thyself,” is a mis-translation of “be true to thyself,” as referenced by Foucault.  Merci, Foucault.


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