free will

if then?

Only a reflective action is free — I wish this was my conclusion, but it’s Habermas.  Then free decision requires options. That is, free-will is affirmed as existing whenever there is a choice.   But it is not that easy — choice becomes skewed because it directly depends on the person’s exposure to options — you cannot choose from options you do not know exist.  You cannot choose from options you do not have — have access, as well.  And on the horizon, determinism dawns unreservedly.

Limited options are part of a systematic problem transcending all levels between micro and macro.  Society, money, exposure, emotional readiness, family support, family’s family’s support, and… There you are at the center of concentric circles determined for you.  I will be watching — watching for determinism in free will.
Next: Habermas on the rocks.  Danke Jürgen!


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