life between right and wrong

looking in between

In western society, the law divides actions in two directions: right and wrong via legal and illegal. This, as you obviously noticed, is a huge simplification of life. We do not live in a binary, dichotomized, manner. Life, in its complexity and routine, occurs between right and wrong, but we do go through the binary concepts every time we are faced with a decision — and this where we stumble into ethics.
What ethics dictate our decisions? Are they really our decisions? Is it ruled by policy? doctrine? belief? And, by the way,  are our desires ours?  is my desire influenced by exposure, influenced by media, family, experience, limitation? How have I developed acceptance and the infamous “blind eye?” While on the subject, how much violence do I accept in the course of the day? Why? Where is the line drawn that makes you and I step into a situation outside of our personal lives to intervene or to act differently?  Where am I morally?  Hard to know yet, easy to feel.  Perhaps ethics and moral development happen with clinical accuracy in the gray overcast area exactly between right and wrong.  (I just look up and applaud the Divine humor).


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Eternal philosophy student
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