integrity of creation: acquiring the structure for meaning

Ilhabela Beach home.

There you are on the beach, making a fire at dusk, when you see the flames give a curtain of dancing eddies, glowing orange in the air.  You lift your eyes following the circles, and the sun fills the view, kinda looking back at you. That flooding feeling that makes some of us run for a camera is overwhelming for a reason.
When nature surrounds with inescapable beauty, there is a sentiment of being integrated in a greater sense of harmony — you know it, because it’s hard to breathe, to move.  I wonder if this amalgam forms the basic structure of our concept and meaning of being part of a greater purpose — adding the sense and experience of epiphany in the process.   A space opens for moral integrity, the complete confirmation of an existence that expands internally just because you are there, suddenly connected to everything.



About vera dumont

Eternal philosophy student
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